15th volume of Jujutsu Kaisen was unveiled!

from "@jujutsu_PR" twitter account

 On March 9, the cover (book image) of the 15th volume of the popular manga “Jujutsu Kaisen”, which will be released on March 4, was unveiled. It depicts an eerie-looking Masato.

 The total number of copies sold in the series has exceeded 30 million (including the digital version), with 20 million copies sold on January 13th and 25 million copies sold on January 26th. 5 million copies were sold in about 2 weeks, and 10 million copies in a month, which is an exceptional sales record.

 It has been selling 5 million copies in about 2 weeks and 10 million copies in a month. Currently, 14 volumes have been released, and the total number of copies has been steadily increasing, reaching 2.5 million as of November 2019 when the TV anime adaptation was announced, 4.5 million as of May 2020, and 8.5 million on October 2 when the anime aired. Since then, it has sold 10 million copies as of October 29, 15 million copies as of December 16, 20 million copies as of January 13, and 25 million copies as of January 26. The popularity is accelerating due to the effect of the anime.

 The first serialization of author Akutami Shimosa’s “Jujutsu Kaisen” started in March 2018 in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. It is a dark fantasy in which a high school student, Eugene Toratane, enters the world of battles over curses after a powerful “curse” is unsealed. At a meeting to decide on the serialization of the series, the originality of the story, the sharp dialogues, and the unique character modeling were highly evaluated, and the editorial department unanimously decided to serialize the series.

 The first volume was immediately reprinted after its release in July 2018, and by the time the second volume was released on September 4, it had been reprinted twice. The editorial department explained at the time that “even the digital version sold exceptionally well for a rookie artist.” With the support of readers, it won first place in the “National Bookstore Staff’s Choice of Recommended Comics 2019” and the grand prize in the “Everyone’s Choice TSUTAYA Comic Award 2019. When the TV anime aired in October last year, it became such a hot topic that it was featured on TBS’s “News23”.

The total number of copies of “Jujutsu Kaisen” sold (according to Shueisha)
November 2007: 2.5 million copies (at the time of the announcement of the TV anime adaptation)
May 2008: 4.5 million copies
October 2, 2008: 8.5 million copies (at the time of the TV anime broadcast)
October 29, 2008: 10 million copies
December 16, 2008: 15 million copies
January 13, 2009: 20 million copies
January 26, 2009: 25 million copies
February 9, 2009: 30 million copies